General Information

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The Van Buren County L.E.A.P.s  program provides academic enrichment designed to help students meet state and local standards.  Program activities must be based on rigorous scientific research. 


Approved activities for the program include:


· Academic support/enrichment

· Tutoring and mentoring programs

· Math and science activities

· Art activities

· Recreational activities

· Technology and communications

· Expanded library hours

· Parent involvement and family literacy activities

· Drug and violence prevention

· Coordinated School Health Programs & Activities

· Character education



Program Schedule


The L.E.A.P.s. program meets each regular school day from 6:50-7:50 A.M. and 3:15-5:15 P.M. (Monday—Friday).  Parents must be prompt in picking up students by 5:15 P.M.  Each month a calendar will be distributed showing the program schedule.  If school is dismissed early, the after-school program will not meet.


Remember—Regular Attendance Is Important! 



Discipline Procedures



In the Van Buren County L.E.A.P.s. program we encourage students to participate, learn, and have fun.  The environment is positive and creative.  Misbehavior is not tolerated in our program.  Students who disrupt learning will not be allowed to continue in the program.  When necessary, the following disciplinary procedures may be used. 


Misbehavior:  Level I


Minor misbehaviors on the part of the student which impede orderly procedures but which usually can be handled by an individual staff member.


Examples (not an exclusive listing):


· Classroom disturbances

· Cheating, lying, or abusive language

· Defiance or failure to do assignments or follow directions

· Harassment (sexual, racial, ethnic, religious)


Disciplinary Procedures


· Immediate interventions by a staff member

· Determine what offense was committed and its severity

· Determine offender and that he/she understands the nature of the offense

· Employ appropriate disciplinary options

· Record offense and disciplinary actions taken by staff member


Disciplinary Options


· Verbal reprimand

· Restrict activities of the student

· Withdraw privileges



Misbehavior:  Level II


Examples (not an exclusive listing):


· Continuation of unmodified Level I behaviors

· Disruptive behavior


Discplinary Procedures


· Refer student to site coordinator

· Site coordinator meets with student and staff member to hear both sides

· Site coordinator takes appropriate action and records disciplinary action


Disciplinary Options


· Conference with parent

· Possible dismissal from L.E.A.P.s. program



Misbehavior:  Level III


If a student continues unmodified Level I/II

behaviors or commits a more serious offense such as fighting or vandalism, the student will be

removed from the program.
















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