Afterschool snacks must contain at least two different components of the following four: a serving of fluid milk; a serving of meat or meat alternate; a serving of vegetables or fruits or full strength vegetable or fruit juice; a serving of whole grain or enriched bread or cereal. Fresh potable water must be made available daily.

Fluid Milk 8oz.

Meat/Meat Alt. 1 oz.


Yogurt (4oz.)

Vegetable/Fruit (3/4 c)

Whole-grain or enriched bread (1 slice)

Whole –grain or enriched cereal (3/4 c)



Menu Number Used

Snacks Served






















































Menu Number

1.       Pretzels/Juice

  11.   Rice Krispie Bar/Milk

2.       Cornbread/Milk

  12.   Granola Bar/Milk

3.       Apple Juice/Vanilla Wafers

  13.   Mozzarella Cheese Stick/Animal Cracker

4.       Yogurt/Graham Crackers

  14.   Pineapple Chunks/Vanilla Wafers

5.       Raw Veggie/Cheese/Ranch Dip

  15.   Cereal/Milk

6.       Fruit Salad/Yogurt


7.       Ham & Cheese Cubes/Juice


8.       Apple Slices/Yogurt


9.       Animal Crackers/Milk


10.    Chex Mix/Juice